Machine Learning Upgradation with Mobile App Development


Various advancements in Technology arena made it possible to give shape to the various ideas of the developers. Based on the need and demand, various business and users expect certain kind of features, all of which can be developed using machine learning. Perhaps, it is not that easy, but various businesses and/or services can be improvised as per the requirement using the latest technology.

Of the various tech advancements, one of the hottest launches is Machine Learning. It is so special because of its wide applications in Web development, Mobile app development companies Bangalore and Software development.

The various business and their services can reach to the people globally through mobile apps. So developing a suitable mobile app makes sounds appropriate. Owing to the amazing features of machine learning, mobile app developers are working on machine learning modules.

Amazing Features of Machine Learning

Machine learning with its following amazing features is making its identity in software, mobile and web development. These features will also help in developing user-friendly services.

  • Deep Learning: The various issues of software programming or development can be easily resolved with the help of neuron skills, powered by machine learning.
  • Artificial Intelligence: This will allow the system to think and process like humans. The best part of artificial intelligence is that it makes various user-friendly services like visual perception, converting process, voice recognition, speech recognition and many such easy, providing a human interface.
  • Machine Learning: By recognizing the patterns and inquiry process similar to humans, machine learning is becoming a perfect substitute for various activities
  • Neural Network: Multiple network node and artificial neuron networks can be implemented in the software or web app development using machine learning. It’s working simply as one neuron acting as input to process into the next neuron network.
  • Logistic Regression: A binomial modelling outcome can be achieved with multiple descriptive variables.
  • Linear Regression: The relationship between defined variables and single output can be signified using linear regression.

Role of Machine learning in mobile development


With the data regarding the process of development and self-learning, developers develop a human interface for providing the best of the best solutions. The main motto of machine learning implementation is to enhance the user experience by eliminating unnecessary things in software development. Now, let us understand the role of machine learning in mobile app development

App Personalization

User identification and understanding their needs is made easy with the help of machine learning technology. Also, the app can be developed as per the user requirement. The app so developed will look like across the app world, as this technology helps to gather the information and provide the interface. Also, app personalization can be defined in aspects like affordable quality, targeted audience, user requirement, unique point requirement, content, source, data and such.  Developing the app using machine learning makes it possible to find the best approach with the help of which the solutions can be reliable, can have defined UI, User-friendly service, better real-time interface, and such.

Item or Product Finding

The app can be made more optimized with the help of user-friendly services like app relevance and performance-based services. This is possible when the user can find the item or product with easy searches. Using a perceptual approach, description of FAQ’s, scripts, articles, smart answers, videos, and such can be processed with search basis.

Product Recommendation and User Behavior

The app patterns can be made more customized according to the user choices. Recommendation process based on search, location, gender, age, app users can help developers to prompt invoice history, research behaviour, purchasing methods per minute.

Fast Control and Security

Security features in the app can be achieved with the help of face sensor recognition process and fingerprinting process powered by AI of machine learning. With the help of Machine learning, one can also achieve features like automation, product tagging, wallet management, image identification, business intelligence process for enhanced security like 2-factor authentication bases.

Prediction or Trending

Weather forecasting services are made available on mobile apps via Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. Other trending features which can be powered by ML are localizing features, picture gallery, filters, entertainment assists in making facial features, funny apps and such. ML can be applied to various other areas like Property, real estate, virtual tour, AR and VR based relevant decisions.

Expansion of Mobile App Development Using AI Services

Tech trend advancements are powered by Machine learning and this is evident in mobile app development in deploying most innovative, unique and durable features like as follows

  • ML forms a major component of AI
  • Prediction analysis services of ML serves best for various forecasting services
  • ML can enhance filtering app services and impart better security.

ML can be used in mobile app development in easy imaging, OCR, Optical Character Recognition as these processes skip the original development algorithm variations and also ML is based on Natural Language Processing.

Currently, almost all the industries are using ML and its outcomes can be seen in the form of VR, AR, and AI. Example of Mobile apps which are powered by ML is Impromptu Do, Netflix, Snapchat, Oval Money, Google Maps, Dango, Tinder.

Leading Open-Source Technologies of Machine Learning

Technologies which will empower the Mobile apps which are based on Machine learning are Torch, Apache Singa, Scikit Learn, Tensor Flow, ML pack, Theano, Caffe, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit


It is no doubt that with the help of Machine Learning, various mobile apps can be featured with the latest personalized features. That’s why it is becoming one of the best technologies for ensuring stylish instant functionality and security.

For getter the better solutions, developers need to boost their strategies for including ML and its components in the development process. If you are looking are any such help, then visit machine learning development companies in India like FuGenX Technologies for getting the best of the best machine learning solution.

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Will Cloud Computing Continue to Roil in 2019?


There has been an increase in IT spending. It is estimated to be $3.5 trillion as compared to the spending which was about 2.4% lesser than what it is now in the year 2016.   These estimates are based on reports from bmc.  This is indeed a huge business and calls for reconsideration on the part of IT professionals and the IT companies. Actually, to meet the growth an IT company would have to invest in capital expenses, operating expenses, procurement of new software, procurement of the equipment and enhancing capabilities.  But, what is noticed is that most of these companies seem to be opting for cloud models. This calls for the reconciliation of the finance and IT departments. The point, however, is not pertaining to the use of cloud computing but when and how much extent it should be used.

The earning for Q2 as revealed by the cloud infrastructure services providers for services which include LaaaS, PaaS, and the private cloud hosted services. It is over $16 billion. Let us consider what the experts have got to say about the capabilities and its implications on the IT industry in the future.

As you might know, the cloud refers to the services that make it possible for users to put to use all the data, information and applications that are found in large numbers and scattered as well without the need to have either virtual servers, hardware or even the peripheral devices. The companies that provide such technology are actually are allowing its users to actually to share it, more in the form of a service rather than as a product.

You could actually consider Cloud Computing to be described either in terms of deployment model or the type of service that is offered by the cloud technology service providers.

The deployment models include a wide range of models starting from the basics to the

  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • Hybrid
  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud

However, the cloud classified in terms of deployment model can be classified as follows:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid
  • Community cloud

When you consider it in terms of service offerings. It includes

  • IaaS- Infrastructure as a service- (AWS, Go grid)
  • PaaS- The platform as a service- (, App Engine, Azure
  • SaaS- Software as a service- ( Google docs, NetSuite, Gmail, Basecamp, Salesforce, FreshBooks

The other ways in which cloud computing  solutions can be  classified includes

  • Storage type
  • Database used
  • Type of information
  • The process
  • Integration
  • Security measures
  • Applications
  • Testing as a service
  • Management

There also exists a possibility and most companies do make use of programs that are available on a remote machine in a remote location that is under the ownership of another company. This may offer multiple benefits like

  1. Increased performance
  2. Better computing power
  3. Saving money in terms of reducing the amount you ought to spend on hardware cost.

This is because of the computers that run remote applications, store the data that is essential and use the cloud servers as the server system for the purpose.

Hybrid cloud computing- is it the right option for your business? What are the furores in cloud computing in 2019 lately?

Since most businesses especially the IT businesses wish to have their resources available offline and compute to a cloud so that they would be able to strike a balance, there is a need for moving everything to the cloud. However, this is a daunting task. This could well be considered to be the root cause for the development of the hybrid system.  It rests on the idea of developing a middle ground.  It lends better flexibility and efficiency and caters to the disparate needs if and when it is required. Another additional benefit it offers is the possibility to transform their computational abilities in line with the process flow while maintaining low risk.

Increased IT Awareness

A study by researchers in recent times reveals that any business would require at least 6 different clouds. That is if they intend or wish to enjoy all aspects that a cloud computing system can offer. This may refer to a blend of private, public and multivendor cloud systems such as IBM, Google, and AWS. Since the awareness about the cloud system is high and the businesses are ready to adopt it as well, it is important for the  Chief information officers to be equipped with information about the variations that are possible in cloud services and be prepared to use it effectively in making decisions that help you capitalize on the situation.

The positive trend

The growth chart of cloud services seems to show an upward trend.  Experts predict that the simplicity of cloud computing technology would foster a forward movement in the trend for cloud services, especially t that of Iaas, Paas, and SaaS.  This is because they are estimated to become the default web server environment that would be serving both the local and multinational companies. They are considered to be a game changer for both of them as well.

The data highlights

  1. By 2021, the SaaS is expected to reach  45% of the total application software spending in the year 2018 and PaaS is estimated to touch $10 billion according to Gartner estimates April 2018.
  2. The expected increase rate

IaaS-  Expected to touch $72.4 billion by 2020

PaaS- Expected to increase to 56% from the present 32%by 2019

SaaS- Expected to increase by 18%by 2020.

This data reveals the rate at which cloud computing is set to grow if it does, it would be considered as the fastest among all development and storage platforms.

Quantum computing


About 70,00users worldwide were attracted to  5 quantum bit or qubit when it was invented. Now the number of users has increased to 4 folds. The one major aim of the tech giants is to deliver the best services. To achieve that they make use everything within and beyond the realm of supercomputers such as using AI to predict the weather, solving complex computational processes, mobile app development companies Bangalore, carbon footprints, automatic updates, enhanced collaboration, 24X7 presence etc.

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The evolution of technology brings with it security issues too. All businesses are expected to abide by the regulations as laid down by the GDPR in order to ensure that the security is not compromised on any account.   When you rely on the cloud networks to inspect the data usage, sharing and security issues within the network would be an ideal way to reduce the workload of the cloud platforms but would also pose fewer security challenges.

The future of cloud computing

  • The hardware and software are expected to be separate
  • There would be a need for a modular approach in software development. That is, an application that is stored in the cloud would/should have modules that would be present in different servers and different modules. This means the software developed should focus on different angles.
  • The prices of services of the cloud providers would decline owing to the use of low-power processors.
  • Security of the data would be given utmost priority
  • Standardization of software, compatibility of applications on the web, etc would bring about changes that could help you become rich.

To conclude

Cloud computing is definitely a big breakthrough that will speed up development in an effective manner. they offer greater flexibility when compared to legacy hosting services which you can use in the form of either monthly or yearly subscriptions. You would also have the possibility to increase the scale or capacity of the services depending on the business needs. there would practically be no need for businesses to invest in servers to make their software work and the operational expenses could also be reduced. You do not have to consider data centre expansion as well even if your business grows bigger.

The IT staff of a company can be used proactively by the company by making them responsive to market conditions now, that the cloud computing providers take care of both infrastructural requirements as well as managed services. So, the task now is to find ways to fix the application problems quickly and establish control over the cloud environment.

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Crowdfunding Solution similar to Kickstarter


Crowdfunding solutions are making their role in society. For money investments, of the various investment plans, crowdfunding is one of the best for getting fund for business growth. In the earlier days, business firms need to search for investors and need to visit banks for the approval of the loan. Bu now, the scenario has entirely changed, the hunt for investors can be replaced by crowdfunding platforms. Crowdfunding refers to the collection of a small number of funds from a large number of people.


Talking to the meaning of Crowdfunding, crowd means people, organization or business that provide funds for business and in return of which they are given some amount as profit. Crowdfunding also refers to the collection of funds from family, friends, customers, investors and individual through online.

On crowdfunding websites, a business person will post the respective project details and the fund transfer to this project can be done through online. This helps in saving time for finding the investors.

As per the survey, the growth of crowdfunding platform is on raise year by year. Its highest was seen in 2015 and has grabbed the viewers’ attention. The ratio of 2012-2015, then in 2014, it is 16.2 billion US dollars was raised in crowdfunding.  In 2015, it hit the market by 2.56 billion US dollars through equity. From 2004 to 2016, the crowdfunding value is raised.

Types of Crowdfunding

Various types of Crowdfunding is available in the market, out of which one can choose the best option as per their preferences

  1. Investment-based crowdfunding: User can invest in a business and in return, they will receive a stake
  2. Loan-based crowdfunding: User will give loan to company or individual and in return, they will get interested in it. This kind of funding is otherwise known as peer to peer to business lending
  3. Donation-based crowdfunding: this kind of crowdfunding involves giving money to the business, in return of which they receive nothing
  4. Reward-based crowdfunding: Related to the project or any kind of support is extended in return of the fund to the user
  5. Equity-based crowdfunding: It involves an opportunity and contributions of the user to become a part owner of the company

Working of Crowdfunding

Before you invest in crowdfunding, one needs to know the working of crowdfunding. Firstly, check out the particular project in which you want to invest, later on, register on the platforms known and the depth of the investments. Knowing the platform to the core is mandatory.

Before investing in the platform, one needs to check the following points

  • Total fund needed by the company
  • How much is raised as of now
  • How much shared are being offered by the business
  • What is the purpose of utilizing the money
  • Duration of pitch opened
  • How many numbers of people have registered
  • What would be the returns

Risks of Crowdfunding:


There is an obvious risk in crowdfunding as it is totally a new concept. The risk in crowdfunding may include the following

  • Boosting platforms: The website can be boosted itself, and the money may be lost after funding
  • Selling is hard: Selling is a bit hard. The shares are not listed and it may be difficult to sell the shares.
  • Returns are not guaranteed: It may not be divided into payment nor the shares may increase
  • The business which is invested needs to be boosted: the business that is invested upon the need to boost up. If the business falls, share amount decreases

Reducing the Risk:

Risk is everywhere. In each and every competitive field, the risk is associated.

The best to invest is to invest 10% of your investment money every year. Checking the financial status and the respective authentication is important. Extra care should be taken with the donation and reward-based c crowdfunding platforms. Keeping in a separate account would be better as crowdfunding services are not protective.

Tax Benefits of Crowdfunding:

Tax Benefits can be availed by the following two schemes

  1. EIS- Enterprise Investment Scheme
  2. SEIS- Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme


Above mentioned is all about the Crowdfunding and if you are looking for Crowdfunding Solution, then visit companies like Kickstarter development company or FuGenX Technologies, a leading mobile apps development companies in Bangalore which has expert mobile app developers.

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iBeacons and its Impact on Travel Industry


Technical advancements in the mobile industry are marking its role in various industries. Of which, the travel industry is one of the most benefited industry as this is off away from home natured. All the various activities of the travel industry will be happening using mobile. So, the various technological advancements in the mobile industry are undoubtedly the game changer for this industry.

What is iBeacon Technology

iBeacons or Beacons are small devices which work using Bluetooth Low Energy ( BLE) for transmitting small packets of relevant data. It needs devices which work on iOS 7 and above for it to get connected automatically. It has a coin battery with a battery life of two years. These devices stand unique in sending the advertising packets which are identifiable to the individual beacons rather than just sending offers and alters on the phones. For receiving these beacons, the mobile device needs an app or passbook card for identifying the beacons in its proximity. All the contents of the beacons are upgraded as it is a server-side app. The best thing about these beacons is that it does not require internet, rather it works via the app for providing the relevant information enhancing the user’s travelling experience.

Potential Applications of iBeacons in the Travel industry

Beacons work as per the proximity and also it can be attached to a movable object also. This iBeacon Technology serves best in the travel industry as it can work at a hyper-local level. Smartphones are the most penetrated device these days, so as the penetrance of technologies like iBeacons. Travel and tourism can be enjoyed to the fullest using the potential technology devices developed by Apple. User can experience damn new experience as their needs are precisely served using technology in a much better way by its proximity-based services.

Enhancing travel experience using iBeacons

It is not exaggerating to say that these iBeacons has bought various revolutionary changes in the travel industry making the journey of the traveller smooth. Not only easing the user but also it offers various business opportunities for various stakeholders. It extends the data from a single physical location and offers real-time activities. As per statistics, around 44% of airlines will leverage this iBeacons in 2018. Following are some of the areas where iBeacons is marking its role

In-Airport Experiences

In terminals of the airport, there comes a huge role of these beacons. It will provide ease to the traveller by providing relevant information about the navigation via their mobile devices. This information presented by iBeacons are beyond just the flight notifications and it includes gate updates, duty-free promotions, walk-through, taxi booking, etc. iBeacons helps travellers to find the best points of the purchase at their near proximity.

Promoting Ancillary Sales

The various issues related to Ancillary sales will greatly influence the customer experience in airlines. Using iBeacons, their respective apps can interact with them at entry points of the terminals. This helps in presenting the important relevant data to the traveller easily. Thereby, making it easy in promoting ancillaries like seat upgrades, a day pass to the lounge area, priority check-in, etc.

Personalized Hotel Experience

Various personalized services can be extended to the customer using the Beacon Technology without the need for any additional manpower and resources. Various add on services like communication of route maps, keyless access to rooms, enrolling in loyalty programs can be made possible using iBeacons.

Even the tracking of customer feedbacks can be made easy using beacon powered apps. They also help in providing various in-room controls like lighting, temperature, room service, TV, etc.

Easy Exploration of Destinations

Itineraries can also be enhanced using iBeacons like they can be used for sharing the related details of the city, its history, transportation, public services, weather updates, and such. This helps in giving an amazing to the traveller without any need to wait or search any details.

Various Personalized Offers

iBeacons can also be used for offering various personalized services to travel agencies and hospitality partners, thereby allowing them to further offer the best services to their customers. If offers not just the current details, but also it provides the historical details as well. This information can be used to extend the best-personalized services to the customer.

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Most of the professional experts believe in the potential of Beacon Technology and are sure about the revolutionary transformation of the travel industry using Beacon Technology. The best of this technology is that it focuses on all the customer preferences and delivers various personalized services according to that. This is proving to be the future of the travel industry and is standing to the expectations. If you are interested in developing iBeacon App Development, then visit FuGenX Technologies, an award-winning Mobile app Development Companies India.

5 Ways the IoT can change the business world


Almost every look of our lives now makes the data. Smartwatches track each step we take and feel each beat of our heart. The smartphones in our pockets know our location at any moment, our hobbies, where we’re going on holiday, and what we’re considering getting.

Some of these visions benefit the customer, and some the product maker. Eventually, we are all emerging into an Internet of Things (IoT) world that, for the most part, benefits everyone helping our day to day lives and keeping us connected to the things and people that are very important to us.

In today’s technological world, wireless technologies have covered different ways to increase the trends of IoT, or the internet of things. This can be described best as, when your internet will be connected to multiple physical objects, you can deliver them as the “smart objects” with an efficient ability to process, sensor and act upon the data.

Below are five other ways IoT is positively impacting businesses now.

1.Inventory tracking and facility management

Does your business depend on storage and warehousing? Are you face issues with inventory tracking and management? Is your personnel too captured in resolving inventory-related matters? The right time came now! IoT inventions can help you in tracking and managing inventory by giving you automatically- controlled choices. Yes, you heard it right! IoT software and devices can be installed in your storing units and warehouses which can help in managing inventory changes while your personnel can devote their time in more mentally demanding tasks.

2.More data, more opportunity

Forbes survey finds the Business areas that have seen new creativities or expansion include preventive maintenance, automatic product upgrades or updates, and the tracking and tracing of assets. Sensors located in production systems, warehouses, assembly lines and vehicles produce data that helps managers understand how processes are flowing, and those built into products monitor, and improve, product performance. As large volumes of data flow in from data centres, sensors and IoT systems, production systems, real-time, or near-real-time, information helps companies gain increased insight into the productivity and performance of their systems and processes, offering opportunities for advance and growth.

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3.Productivity and greater efficiency

With better information about the customers and the market, the productivity of any business can be increased particularly. All the IoT devices can be directly connected to each other and controlled to improve effectiveness, which in turn has direct effects on the productivity of the business. More can be done in less time. IoT software and appliances allow workers to achieve large-scale tasks in a faster and error-free fashion. The increment in productivity and efficiency will increase your profits expressively. You just have to make sure that all equipment has a quality finish and are maintained on a regular basis to stop adverse impacts on efficiency and productivity.

4.Improving the customer experience

It is necessary for businesses to focus on recruiting skilled workers who can handle IoT technology efficiently is the main thing because that IoT devices and software require basic knowledge and the ability to interact with new technology. Hiring an individual who can hardly make use of IoT technology will not only waste time and money but also have a severe negative impact on the productivity of the business. If more businesses start hiring such individuals, more individuals will slope themselves toward advanced technology, which will also improve their value for future activities.

5.Remote work

With IoT technology, you don’t have to be physically present at the place to handle work. If your business does not have to deal with physical inventory, you can make maximum use of IoT technology because it allows your employees to connect and work remotely, and studies have verified that remote workers are happier and more creative, which will significantly improve your business functions.

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Internet of Things (IoT) is already creating an effect on the way businesses operate and this will increase quickly as more and more everyday objects and devices become internet allowed. From reading this article, you should now be aware of how businesses can benefit from collecting data from IoT devices and should also understand the challenges that come with them.

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